Selected publications

(* means the corresponding author)


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    [pdf][bibtex] [code]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    COLING 2018 (Best Paper Award[link])
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    COLING 2018
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    EMNLP 2018
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    EMNLP 2018
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    EMNLP 2018
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    EMNLP 2018
    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [pdf][bibtex] [ppt]

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    [pdf] [code][bibtex] [ppt]

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    [pdf] [data][bibtex]

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    [pdf] [data][bibtex]

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    [pdf] [data][bibtex]

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  28. 词法分析:切词、词性标注、和命名实体识别
    上海交通大学出版社,2018 (to appear)


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    [pdf] [code][bibtex]

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    [pdf][code] [bibtex][ppt]

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    [download PPT] [download PDF]

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